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Trio v4.2.0: Improved Developer Experience

Trio v4.2.0

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of Trio v4.2.0.

Trio now ignores and reports fragments that do not have front matter defined.

Prior to v4.2.0, fragment files that did not have front matter generated errors that were confusing and unnecessary (as far as the user is concerned). These fragments are now reported to the console but otherwise ignored during the build process.


Please see the Changelog for details.

Your Financial Support Of This Project Is Greatly Appreciated

Trio is an open source project and is therefore free of charge to use both for noncommercial and commercial use, but when you use Trio to create a new website, please consider donating a few bucks. It doesn't take very long, the process is secure, and it will allow us to continue to support the community and to maintain and enhance Trio going forward.

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