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Trio v6.1.0

Fast, Simple Yet Powerful JavaScript-Driven Static Site Generation.

Really Fast.

Trio caches every project asset per build, and only generates stale assets when building incrementally, dramatically reducing build times. And Trio is built on Node, and Node is really fast.

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Simple Yet Powerful.

Trio has almost zero configuration, includes common build-time utilities in its toolchain, and doesn't require frameworks or templating languages.


JavaScript Driven

Trio uses the JavaScript Node modules that you write to augment your composites with dynamic content. You have all the latest ES6+ goodies to work with without having to transpile your code.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Built-In Toolchain

Trio's built-in toolchain beautifies generated markup, compiles your Sass with vendor prefixes, minification, CSS source maps, and will cache bust your project for release.

Blogging Platform

Trio is a beast of a blogging platform because it is built from the ground up to help you create modern-day blogs with the features you and your readers have come to expect, such as categories, tags, article pages, category pages, tag pages, landing pages, archive pages, and link navigation.


We've all been there. We install some trendy piece of software but we have to spend hours configuring it before we can do anything with it. Trio eliminates all that. You can literally install Trio, create a new project, and you are good to go without configuring anything at all! Besides, who likes configuration anyway, right?

Command Line

Trio provides extensive command line functionality for getting help, building and serving your sites. It was crafted with the iterative code and test process in mind.

Incremental Builds

Dramatically reduces project build times by limiting processing to only stale assets.

Integrity Checking

Checks your project's chains of dependencies and notifies you when assets can't be resolved.