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Trio v6.0.3
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Linking Conventions

Trio supports the following linking conventions:

Absolute URLs is appropriate to use when linking to remote/non-internal resource but inappropriate to use when linking to your site's internal resources because it is brittle; a change in the sites domain would require a global refactoring of your site to change each occurrence.

Site Relative URLs

/docs is appropriate for internal links; `/` means that the link is relative to the root of your site.

Page Relative URLs

../docs is appropriate for internal links; `..` means it is relative to the page in which it is being used.

Base URL

Some Web hosting services deploy sites in subfolders, and require that their site relative URLs begin with the subfolder's path.

For example, the site at is hosted on Github Pages, and linking internally with <a href="/docs/v1">Documentation</a> wouldn't work but linking with <a href="/trio-docs-pages/docs/v1">Documentation</a> would work.

In this case, you can decorate any HTML tag that has a src or href attribute using the data-trio-link attribute,

<a data-trio-link href="/docs/v1">Documentation</a>

and in your project's root/trio.json configuration file you would then assign the subfolder's path to baseUrl. When you build your site, Trio will prepend these URLs with the path that you assigned to baseUrl.

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