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A fragment is a required asset that is associated with a single template asset. The association between a template and a fragment is made by the fragment, using the predefined "template" front matter property, and assigning it the name of the template it is associated with.

  • file location: root/source/fragments
  • file type/content: .html/HTML or .md/Markdown
  • front matter required: yes
  • required predefined front matter properties: template, title
  • optional predefined front matter properties: appendToTarget
  • applicable data-trio-* attributes: data-trio-include, data-trio-callback, data-trio-link
template: docpage
title: Fragment
appendToTarget: true


<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. In, aut laboriosam accusantium nam voluptatum architecto earum! Quasi dolor doloremque quibusdam dolore fugit impedit vel dolorem enim. Aut optio omnis doloribus.</p>
Example: Fragment With Front Matter

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