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Trio v6.0.3
Documentation is evolving and is a WIP


Trio was built from the ground up to be used as a blogging platform. Trio supports the creation of modern-day blogs with the features your readers have come to expect, such as categories and tags. Trio's structured blog-specific metadata and its tag-based callback mechanism makes implementing modern blogs a snap.

Blog-Specific Front Matter Properties

The following lists blog-specific predefined front matter properties. See Front Matter for details:

  • tag
  • category

Blog-Specific Metadata Items

The following lists blog-specific metadata items. See Metadata for details:

  • fragment.articleDate
  • fragment.nextArticleUrl
  • fragment.previousArticleUrl
  • fragment.relatedArticlesByCategory
  • fragment.relatedArticlesByTag
  • fragment.relatedArticlesByTagFlattened
  • articlesCount
  • articlesCatalog
  • categoriesCatalog
  • tagsCatalog


A demo blog project with categories, tags, intricate page linking as well as other numerous features is available on Github that you can copy, build, run and examine.

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