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Trio v3.1.0: Improved Developer Experience

Two New Features To Improve The Developer Experience.

Preserved include and fragment target tags and auto detection of new version.

New! Include and fragment target tags are now preserved when appenddToTarget is false and you are building for development.

Prior to v3.1.0 include and fragment target tags that were being replaced with content would be removed from the generated markup when building for development. Beginning with v3.1.0 these tags are now preserved in the generated markup as commented out tags.

New! Trio will automatically perform a one-off build for you when you build incrementally and a new version of Trio is detected.

Prior to v3.1.0 when you installed a new version of Trio you would have to remember to run a one-off build prior to building incrementally. This was necessary to insure that the project's cache was compatible with the new version. Beginning with v3.1.0 Trio now detects that you are using a new version and it will automatically perform a one-off build for you the first time you build incrementally.


Please see the changelog for details.

Your Financial Support Of This Project Is Greatly Appreciated

Trio is an open source project and is therefore free of charge to use both for noncommercial and commercial use, but when you use Trio to create a new website, please consider donating a few bucks. It doesn't take very long, the process is secure, and it will allow us to continue to support the community and to maintain and enhance Trio going forward.

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