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What's Coming In Trio v4.1.0

While you are enjoying the recently released Trio v4.0.0 we want you to know that Trio v4.1.0 is already in the testing phase and will be released shortly.

Although it wasn't explicitly stated in the documentation, tag-based callbacks that are declared on tags that are replaced by an include's or a fragment's content are never registered and therefore never called. Trio V4.1.0 corrects this omission and now supports tag-based callbacks on these tags.

Support for these callbacks will allows you to directly target these tags in your tag-based callbacks using the callback's $tag parameter.

Please note that this new behavior doesn't impact how Trio outputs these tags for development and release builds. As always, when building for development, Trio will still comment out these tags in the generated HTML document, and when building for release, Trio will not output these tags in the generated HTML document.

If you would like to be notified when Trio v4.1.0 drops then please consider following @gettriossg on Twitter.

A Series Of Tutorials On Page Composition

Page Composition Tutorials

It is almost impossible to imagine a website today that doesn't require additional content beyond its basic HTML to provide the context needed for its web pages.

Lets consider the Bio pages on a portfolio website that showcases the works of numerous artists. As artists come and go their Bio pages are either added, updated or removed from the site. If the site isn't very popular with artists then perhaps maintenance of these pages will be infrequent and could be done manually. But if the site is very popular then these pages might in fact require daily or even more frequent updates and thus a more automated approach to maintaining these pages would be beneficial.

A preferable automated approach would be to provide a mechanism that would generate the artist bios whenever their information, which is maintained in separate files or in individual items within a file, are changed, added and deleted. In fact, such mechanisms already exist in the form of static site generators which, among other things, can easily be programmed to insert data found, for instance, in a JSON file into a document that will eventually be saved to your file system as an HTML file.

As such it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that Trio provides a mechanism to do just that, and to take full advantage of Trio's site generation capabilities you need to understand how Trio composes your site's pages using metadata, collection filter functions and tag-based callbacks.

To that end I am very pleased to announce that a series of tutorials will be posted here over the course of the next few weeks which will teach you how to compose your site's pages with dynamic content.

If you would like to be notified when these tutorials are posted here then please consider following @gettriossg on Twitter.

Trio v4.0.0: The Commitment Remains The Developer Experience

Trio v4.0.0: Staying True To The Cause.

Back in January, when I released Trio v3.0.0, I made a personal commitment that for the foreseeable future my focus would remain improving the developer experience. Today I am releasing Trio v4.0.0 that continues to deliver on that commitment.

Trio v3.1.0: Improved Developer Experience

Two New Features To Improve The Developer Experience.

Preserved include and fragment target tags and auto detection of new version.

Trio v3.0.0: Permalinkns And Other Goodies

Lots of goodies for you in this release.

New features make this the most productive release of Trio yet, and major bug fixes make this the most stable release of Trio to date!

Trio v2.0.0: The One With Collections

Collections are a big deal!

Collections are groups of pages that are dynamically generated by Trio that you would otherwise have to manually create yourself.

Trio v1.1.1 (IKIGAI)

Broken Dependency Resolution For Tag-based Callbacks Resolved

This is a maintenance release only and includes 1 bug fix. Please see the changelog for details.

Trio v1.1.0 (IKIGAI)

Better Reporting For Unresolved Assets

This release addresses 1 enhancement and 1 bug fix. Please see the changelog for details.

Trio v1.0.0 (IKIGAI)

The First Stable Release Of Trio v1

This marks the first stable release of v1. I'm so excited and I hope you all are too. Please see the changelog for details.

Trio v1.0.0-rc.6 (IKIGAI)

Added source/fragments/blog/archive For Blog Archive Pages

This release includes 1 enhancement and 1 bug fix. Please see the changelog for details.